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    Saturday, 2 May 2009

    Who Saved The Painted House?

    Scott Fletcher, Chairman and CEO of the company ANS Group PLC is the entrepreneur who helped to stop the repossession of The Painted House!
    Scott Fletcher contacted Steve after being made aware of The Painted House through the online "Save The Painted House" campaign - initially through the website Twitter.
    Before they had even met in person, Scott arranged a letter to be faxed to the court agreeing to cover a month's mortgage payment. Scott said he didn't like the thought of the artworks being destroyed if the house was repossessed. Scott wants to give Steve a chance to start making his own money whilst staying in the house and has offered him business advice, he has also expressed an interest to commission artworks in the future.

    BBC Midlands Today also came to interview Steve and Scott and the story featured at 1:30pm and 6:30pm on 15 April 2009.
    Here is the BBC video clip "The house judged a cultural gem"

    Here is the BBC online article "Business man saves artist's home"

    Here is the story on the ANS Group website:
    "Tweeting Mancunian entrepreneur Scott Fletcher saves Stoke's painted house"

    Here is a link to the Sentinel article, Friday 3rd April 2009

    After having been given this wonderful opportunity, Steve still has many challenges ahead of him. This blog will continue to follow the story of Steve's progress.

    Any inquiries about buying artwork/prints, visiting The Painted House, or any advice, messages and comments for Steve, either comment in the sections below these blog posts, sign the blog guest book, or e-mail
    also, for direct contact, Steve's phone number is 07919817914

    Coming soon... very exciting news about Steve's artistic plans!