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    Open Days

    Current Events:

    Although there are no open days currently planned, you are welcome to contact Steve to arrange a time to visit the Painted House and see the mural artworks (now along-side his latest works on canvas).

    phone Steve Williams: 07919817914

    Previous Events:

    Thanks to the visitors of the Painted House over the years who have popped by to say hello and view the mural artworks.


    Celebrating one year since the Painted House was officially saved from repossession - the house is once again open for public viewing - this time for the whole weekend!
    Also on display will be a collection of Steve's canvas paintings.

    April 2010 Open Weekend at the Painted House:

    Saturday 10th April 2010
    11AM - 8PM
    Sunday 11th April 2010
    11AM - 6PM
    free entry both days

    We can't wait to see you there! (-:

    07919817914 (Steve Williams)
    ...or just show up on the day!

    for the latest updates, maps and directions to find the house.


    During the campaign to Save The Painted House from repossession, the original open day was attended by many people eager to show their support to Steve. Thanks a lot to everyone who came by.