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    Tuesday, 17 March 2009

    17th March 2009

    A quick update:
    Steve, who is only 25 and living in the painted house alone, is seeking to rent a room/houseshare and is seeking employment to pay his mortgage - he is a qualified fork lift truck driver and graphic designer (HND). He is also available for mural painting, artwork and tattoo designs.

    Having taken on the mortgage at the early age of 19 when he bought the house from his Mum and Dad, he has struggled supporting himself financially over the last 5 years, especially since he is now unemployed with outstanding bills to pay. He deserves a break and we will do whatever we can to help Steve save his amazing house!

    Monday 16th

    Today Steve got more information from the Citizen's Advice Bureaux, who advised that he would have to pay this month's instalment of £340 plus £20 as well as being in either part time or full time employment by 30th March. They said it would also help if he can find a lodger in time as that would show that he would be more likely to be able to make future payments. They will contact him a few days before the 30th.

    With so few days left, it is quite a mission to try to make things happen quickly.

    Steve continued his job search in Hanley, showing his certificates and putting his name down at employment agencies. Many of the agencies were closed down or locked up with signs in the windows due to lack of jobs in the area. One agency appeared to have signs for fork lift truck driver vacancies - but later Steve was told the positions had been filled over a week ago even though the signs were still displayed. One agency told him to continue to phone each day to check for new jobs they might have, another agency told him to stop phoning!

    Steve has designed posters, which we have photocopied and distributed around the area advertising a room for rent and the address of this website to see his house and artwork.
    To enquire about renting a room/houseshare (£50 a week)
    ring Steve: 07919817914
    more artwork is also now uploaded to:
    email enquiries:

    This evening, the documentary crew filmed some interiors of the house. It was quite a downbeat evening as the threat of repossession is very real and right around the corner, it was weighing heavily on all of our minds as we admired the murals.

    Tuesday 17th

    After a long night of filming, we were all very tired today. Steve spent the day going around local businesses knocking on the doors of employers asking if there were any jobs. Eventually, after explaining the situation with his house, Steve managed to get an interview on Friday!

    A lot of interest in the house seems to have been sparked on the sites
    Facebook + Twitter
    (+ now Myspace)

    Thanks to everyone showing your support!