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    Sunday, 15 March 2009

    15th March 2009

    On the top of Goldenhill, Stoke-on-Trent, is a small terraced house painted throughout with the
    amazing mural art of Steven Williams.

    This blog is updated by friends of Steve - our mission is to do what we can to save the painted house from repossession!

    As you can see at the top right of this page there is a count down clock - currently only 14 days left to try and do something to Save The Painted House!

    To make the most of the painted house and try to raise funds to save it:
    • Do you wish you lived in a house as cool as this? - Steve is looking to rent out a room/houseshare -Available immediately!!!- get in touch 07919817914 (rent £50 per week)
    • We will soon be setting up a paypal account for donations and in return for contributions sending out signed photographs of the artworks.
    • There is a team of film-makers currently making a documentary about the painted house (link: MYM Films)
    • A call out for bands to shoot a music video in the house for a negotiable fee - all filming equipment, lighting and expertise provided.
    • Model/actor photoshoots
    • Mural art by Steven Williams
    • Custom tattoo designs by Steven Williams
    • (Steve is also a qualified fork-lift truck driver if anyone has any vacancies in the Midlands/Staffordshire/Stoke-on-Trent area!)

    Is there any way you can help save the painted house?
    email ideas to: