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    Friday, 27 March 2009

    Here are the final details for the Open Day at The Painted House!
    Saturday 28th March 2009 (today)

    Between 12pm and 10pm, come down to see the art(free entry). Why not make an afternoon of it and sit and do a bit of drawing in the painted house? (We will be!) If musical, bring a guitar or instrument of choice - let's make it a celebration of art inside the house!

    We will have camera equipment and will be filming now and then during the day in different rooms - but if you don't wish to appear on film just let us know and that's fine. If you do wish to be on film you can let us know that too!

    Should be a fun day :-)

    Here is the Blurb listing for the event:

    If you can't find the way give us a ring
    Steve: 07919817914
    Laura: 07778558917

    here's the address again:

    11 Aubrey Street
    ST6 4QF

    This link should take you to a clearer map of the house ~map link~
    (If it doesn't work search for the postcode online St64QF.)
    You should get something like this:
    Goldenhill is just after driving through Tunstall and before reaching Kidsgrove. Following signs to Kidsgrove from the South (the Hanley or Stoke direction) should mean you will pass through Goldenhill.

    The buses from Hanley/"S-o-T City Centre" are the 20 and the 20a which run regularly during the whole day. (There may be another new service other than First Buses not sure which number).
    For the 20 and 20a buses, get off either outside "Sandyford" McDonalds - and walk up Broadfield Road for 5/10 mins, or be adventurous and wait until the further stop outside "the Red Lion" pub and journey left and past the houses then North East across the field.

    If in doubt, walk up hill! :-)

    Hope to see you there!

    ~Steve and friends